Nineth Fringe First?

Edinburgh veteran,  actor and director, David Calvitto has eight Fringe  first productions under his belt.   He won two of them – officially, in the role of producer –  for Americana Absurdum and The Event, in which he also appeared.

He is back here this year as director of Enterprise, an absurdist comedy by writer Brian Parks, another Fringe First winner.   Actor Brian Dykstra makes a third, having written the award winner Clean Alternatives.

“It’s about four corporate men who go to work as usual one day, then sometime in the morning we see that the company has a major stock fall, and it is on the verge of collapse, and they decide they are the ones to save the company themselves,” he said.

“They team up together, then they split into two teams and suddenly become adversaries.  It all takes place in the course of one 24- hour day.

“One of the ways they decide to solve the company’s problems is they come up with an animal sacrifice.”

“It’s not political, Brian is not a political writer, it’s just generally making fun of the follower mentality.”

He’s looking out for Mary Go Nowhere, from LA, by Julie Shavers.  It features Mike McShane, who was in Fat Boy and SCREWMACHINE/EYECANDY with Calvitto.   “It’s another absurdist comedy in tandem,” he said.

As well as producing and directing  the show, Calvitto considered acting in it, that was January’s idea, sensibly scratched  in March.

Assembly George Square 2.

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