John Bellany update: works set to show at Hirst gallery

John Bellany to show at Damien Hirst’s new gallery

Spotted in the window of Beaux Arts London: John Bellany’s large, weird, and raunchy painting, Rough Bird, at £32,000.

John Bellany's Rough Bird by

John Bellany’s Rough Bird

I’m still curious to see how Bellany’s works will fare in the art market after his death aged 71 in 2013. His 1966 painting The Fisherman sold for a mid-estimate £25,000 at Sotheby’s last December. Privileged to interview him a couple of times, I’ve always hankered after one of his early drawings.

Word is that Bellany’s estate is being encouraged to hold back works rather than risk over-supplying the market; the artist was something of a one-man industry in his later years.

Bellany’s visibility may get a boost when works that Damien Hirst owns go on show Hirst’s London gallery reported to be opening this May. Hirst has spoken of how seeing a Bellany exhibition in Sheffield inspired his decision to become an artist and bought several Bellany work that include meat carcases, reflecting his own obsessions with death and flesh.

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