Miniature Mosaic

Browsing the stands at the Winter Art & Antiques Fair at Olympia in November I came across this magnificent Italian marble table at Burton Antiques.    The fine variety  of the cut marble with geometric black inlay lines is combined with a mesmerising  set of micro mosaics.   The centre piece shows St Peter’s Square, with subtle shading from the square’s floor to the sky.  Round the ring are 24 further miniature images, scenes of Rome; you can’t resist running a finger across them to feel the texture.

The 19th Century work is priced at £125,000 which seemed  entirely justified.   Interestingly the dealership immediately suggested it would make a fine piece on the wall, removed from its mahogany base, the better to admire it.    For purist mosaicing  friends that will bring to mind how Roman mosaics are so often presented (and often poorly) on museums as wall pieces, when they were made to be seen on the floor, changing the way we perceive and relate to the work.

Reflections off the brilliantly polished surface made it hard to do it justice in the photographs.

Micromosaic detail of 19th Century Italian marble table.